Controversial rally will ‘help put us on the map’

Councillors have accelerated support for Tendring car rally despite backlash from nearby residents.  

Essex County Council and Tendring Council both support the go-ahead of next month’s event and claim it will draw more people to the area.  

Tendring Council leader Neil Stock, has acknowledged the concerns of some residents but insists “this event will really put Tendring on the map and help to raise our profile nationally and even internationally.”  

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Crackdown on beach boy-racers

Huge concrete benches are being used to stop thrill seekers joyriding on the beach at Jaywick.

A heavy crane was needed to lower the seats into place to stop vehicles getting on to the beach.

The move came after complaints about cars driving on the sand and anti-social behaviour around the area.

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Students are outraged by Essex’s nightmare bus service


The First Essex bus service is the leading transport company for Essex students, yet there have been many complaints that it makes a proportion of students late for classes.

The criticisms arouse amongst the University’s Student Union through student feedback and complaints on the student Facebook page.

Louisa, a Politics and Sociology student at the university says she has always had issues with the service.

Throughout Colchester, she found that buses were continuously delayed or didn’t turn up at all, including days where she ‘waited more than 45 minutes for a bus to come with no explanation’.

Louisa and many other students found that the service was not value for money as the annual bus pass is £162.

Other students found that the customer service they receive is a large part of the problem with First Essex’s bus services.

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Students May Miss Out on Study Abroad Programme Due to Brexit Changes

It is thought that the UK’s decision to leave the EU may have an impact on the study abroad programme at the University of Essex.

The Brexit changes will most likely influence the number of students who decide to take this programme, whether that be Essex students or those coming from abroad.

This is due to the complexity of sorting out their own funding and applying for a VISA before travelling and studying in another country.

One member of the Study Abroad team described the affects of Brexit as a ‘big black hole’.

Though the team has a rough idea of how the triggering of Article 50 will impact the popular programme, they still remain unclear on what the actual ramifications will be.

The Study Abroad programme allows Essex students to exchange with international students to study at universities abroad.

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Versace’s Pledge to Ban Fur

Donatella Versace has announced that her fashion brand will no longer be using real animal fur in its products, after using fur since its launch in 1978.

This comes at a time where labels like Gucci and Jimmy Choo are also making similar changes to their products.

She stated: “Fur? I am out of that,” she said, “I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesn’t feel right.”

Pantone’s 2018 colour of the year: a new outlook on life

Photo: Pantone

Pantone, the leading providers of the standard language for colour communication, have named Ultra Violet as Colour of the Year 2018.

The company, who offer colour communication to a variety of industries through official colour systems and technology, have called it a ‘dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade’.

Unlike 2017’s colour of the year, ‘Greenery’, a vivid and lively colour, the words used to describe Ultra Violet connote a level of reflection and awareness, something which was suggestively lacking in 2017.

The executive director, Leatrice Eiseman shared on Patone’s website that it stems from the necessity of inventiveness and imagination. Even in these times of political turmoil and uncertainty, the company describes this colour as pushing boundaries and ‘spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world.

Dark purples, according to Pantone, have continuously been symbols of nonconformity and artistic excellence. The works of Prince and David Bowie are acknowledged in the colour’s introduction who encapsulate the idea of personal expression and individuality.

The Vice President of Pantone, Laurie Pressman, said that The Pantone Colour of the Year is essential not just for the world of design but also to reflect what is needed in our world today.

A range of products in the shade of Ultra Violet are already available on Pantone’s website from designer clothing to household furniture. Though these aren’t the cheapest of products, they would be perfect for those who are fashion conscience.

Someone of a similar character, Rihanna, recently posted a photo on her Instagram which showed her wearing a purple coloured jacket with a matching lip colour, already embracing Pantone’s new shade and giving it her seal of approval.

Her own line of cosmetics, Fenty Beauty, already includes products with similar colour palettes so it would not be surprising to see Ultra Violet in her collection before the year is out.

Pantone’s official colour is thought to influence a variety of industries including: interiors, fashion and beauty, graphic design and entertainment industry.