TOP 10: LGBTQ+ Artists Currently Championing the Pop Scene

Whilst ‘gay icons’ have been coined since Judy Garland in the 1930s, it has only been in recent decades where LGBTQ+ artists have begun championing their community’s favourite musical genre – pop. This list details some of the best alternative queer pop around at the moment…

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To budget or not to budget? Bags of the season

Every good bag tells a story, whether it be minimal or shouting with personality, so it will come as no surprise that this season’s headliners make no exception. There was an abundance of bags to hit the runway this fashion season, testing the limits of size and practicality.

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What I Learnt in Rennes, featuring Chloe Evitts

The move to university is a difficult one, with moving to a new place, connecting with unfamiliar people and managing the work load of a degree, it can all be a bit overwhelming. If you’re someone who can identify with this daunting feeling, multiply that by ten and you can start to understand how Chloe Evitts feels, an International Business student from the University of Portsmouth felt embarking on her study abroad programme.

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The (un) fashionable nineties, the comeback that no-one expected.

With t-shirts being put over long-sleeve shirts and the fashion crime that was low-rise jeans, there was a time where everybody wished trends from the 1990s would never return. But after everyone embraced the revival of knee-high boots and fishnets from the nineties’ grunge scene, many risk-takers began to take it one step further…

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OPINION: Living my future child-free not childless.

Only a few decades ago, heck, maybe even now, having children is just seen as the natural change of events in a person’s life. Our parent’s generation was brought up with the intention that they would marry and then have children all before hitting thirty. So, when someone like myself is serious about staying child-free for the whole duration of my life, its to no one’s surprise that a majority deem this a decision they cannot grasp.

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Sorry hyper-masc gays, not all of us want to present as internally homophobic.

During my own childhood, my slim and feminine appearance often left me subject to ridicule from my straight and masculine peers. My only friends were girls and, admittedly, I was a very flamboyant child which only added to the unpleasant words that I was subject to in my all-boy P.E classes. I would have liked to have blamed this on childish ignorance, but this type of behaviour has carried over into my adult life. Like many other effeminate gay men, our dating lives consist of being shunned by hyper-masculine men, except for when we’re their ‘sexual fetish’.

This is femmephobia, a prejudice against feminine queer people (commonly known as femmes) which is usually held, but not exclusive to, those who present as masculine in appearance.  To people outside the LGBTQ+ community, they may think that this is just an us versus them issue, but internalised homophobia is frightfully alive and well.

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