Students May Miss Out on Study Abroad Programme Due to Brexit Changes

It is thought that the UK’s decision to leave the EU may have an impact on the study abroad programme at the University of Essex.

The Brexit changes will most likely influence the number of students who decide to take this programme, whether that be Essex students or those coming from abroad.

This is due to the complexity of sorting out their own funding and applying for a VISA before travelling and studying in another country.

One member of the Study Abroad team described the affects of Brexit as a ‘big black hole’.

Though the team has a rough idea of how the triggering of Article 50 will impact the popular programme, they still remain unclear on what the actual ramifications will be.

The Study Abroad programme allows Essex students to exchange with international students to study at universities abroad.

However, Brexit may reduce the number of international students who wish to study at the university which would risk the future of the programme due to the imbalance of incoming and outgoing students.

Popular destinations include the US, Australia and Germany where students often study the likes of global studies, business, economics, and languages.

Chloe, an International Business student, begins her year abroad this September and said she would still go on the programme as she can rely on her student loan for funding.

However, she does acknowledge that getting a VISA would be less appealing to some students who are thinking of doing a year abroad.

She adds “It would be such a shame if the programme was cancelled as it allows students to expand their knowledge in their chosen subject and also learn about new cultures and have new experiences”.

At the moment, the University describes itself as having “partners all over the world”, how long this will last will be determined over the course of the next year.


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