Crackdown on beach boy-racers

Huge concrete benches are being used to stop thrill seekers joyriding on the beach at Jaywick.

A heavy crane was needed to lower the seats into place to stop vehicles getting on to the beach.

The move came after complaints about cars driving on the sand and anti-social behaviour around the area.

  Police tried to clamp down on the rogue drivers but they had vanished by the time officers arrived.

Tendring Council was powerless to act because it does not own the beach.

Now massive benches have been put in to act as barriers and prevent cars getting to the sand.

The Environment Agency, council and Jaywick Forum drew up the plans.

An Environment Agency spokesman said “There had been an increasing number of incidents where vehicles had been driving on the beach at Jaywick Sands, causing a nuisance”.

He added “Not only was this dangerous to the public enjoying the beach, but it was damaging vegetation which helps stabilise the beach and reduce flood risk”.

“Rather than put in large steel barriers, we worked with Tendring Council to install heavy benches which will block vehicle access and help improve people’s enjoyment of the beach”.

The Environment Agency footed the £4,650 bill.

Council spokesman Paul Honeywood said: “The public sector has listened to the local people’s concerns and then worked together to come up with a plan that addresses the specific concerns raised.”





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