Controversial rally will ‘help put us on the map’

Councillors have accelerated support for Tendring car rally despite backlash from nearby residents.  

Essex County Council and Tendring Council both support the go-ahead of next month’s event and claim it will draw more people to the area.  

Tendring Council leader Neil Stock, has acknowledged the concerns of some residents but insists “this event will really put Tendring on the map and help to raise our profile nationally and even internationally.”  

He added “We understand there have been some concerns from residents along the routes and the organisers at Chelmsford Motor Club have been working alongside us and other partners to manage, mitigate and minimise all the points raised.” 

Council investment boss Zoe Fairley said that it will boost investments in the local area, and claimed it was a “fantastic opportunity”. 

Some residents have planned to protest the rally at a full council meeting taking place on March 27 at 7:30pm.  

Mary Nolan says the rally cars will pass just yards away from her home in Colchester Road, Stones Green. 

She added “I retired here because it’s a beautiful place then they come and say they having a rally”.  

But event organiser, Tony Clements said: “The vast majority of people in the area are looking forward to the rally and excitement is building as the event gets closer”.  

The event is set to be held on April 22 and is expected to attract up to 10,000 spectators and be televised nationally.  


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